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Patient Reviews

Thank you to our amazing patients! 80% of our new patients are friends, family members, and colleagues of existing patients. Thank you for trusting us with the health and wellness of the most important people in your life.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about ! Dr. Clark and his staff are friendly, caring, and provide the best chiropractic care around! Since beginning my chiropractic care with Dr. Clark, I have become relatively pain free and the quality of my life has improved dramatically. Not only are most of my aches and pains gone, but also the sinus problems that had plagued me for years. My only regret is that I didn’t find him sooner! A big thanks to Loudoun Family Wellness for taking such great care of me – I will be a patient for life! 

Ellen L.

Dr. Clark has been my chiropractor since May of 2016.  I had a severe chronic back pain for over a year. I started treatment on a weekly basis. After a couple of weeks my back pain dropped significantly and I am now pain free.

Dr. Clark’s office is run in a very friendly and efficient manner. As a patient I always feel welcome and I am treated with kindness and professionalism.

I think very highly of Dr. Clark and his practice, and as result i recommend Dr. Clark to my friends and family.

Eric D.

I had my first visit to Loudoun Family Wellness in February 2016 at the recommendation of a friend and former colleague after I aggravated an old injury in my left hip.

I’m a physical therapist assistant by trade, a habitual gym rat and a pole fitness enthusiast. Although I’ve injured myself countless times over the years playing several sports, I was always a little wary of chiropractic care. However, I went into my initial evaluation with an open mind, seeking relief from years of poor posturing, compensatory spinal curves (and resulting muscle spasms) from scoliosis and sacroiliac joint dysfunction. Dr. Kent Clark was professional, genuinely caring and informative. He even laughed politely when I self-diagnosed myself and spouted medical jargon at him as I explained my medical history.

After my first chiropractic adjustment, my pain level immediately decreased from a 7 (out of 10) to a 2. I left the office without a limp….it was the first time I was able to normalize my gait in two weeks! I went home and didn’t need to take any more pain medication or use a heating pad, which had become my daily routine following my injury to help manage the discomfort.

After my initial session, I began coupling Dr. Clark’s chiropractic care with massage therapy with Dr. Pamela Joy. A true believer in an interdisciplinary approach to pain relief, I also stretched and performed stabilization exercises to ensure an optimal result. The nature of my job can be physically taxing in addition to my demanding workout habits, so routine wellness visits are key to keeping my hip and lower back happy and healthy.

The entire staff at Loudoun Family Wellness is welcoming, friendly and down to earth, from Michelle’s smiling face greeting you at the front desk to Kent and Pam’s cheery demeanor during clinical care. I couldn’t be happier with my interdisciplinary approach to spinal health and I thank everyone in the office for getting me back on my feet (without a limp) again. Now I’m back in the gym lifting weights, out on the trails hiking mountains and participating in a weekly deep flexibility class (think yoga meets contortionist training) to help my pole fitness training. My wellness journey has only just begun and I’m looking forward to future visits at Loudoun Family Wellness with the entire crew!

Kate Z.

I’m happy to say that I was Dr. Clark’s first patient in Virginia! I made an appointment because I had low-back issues. Being a triathlete you push your body to its limit, but unfortunately I knew my problem wasn’t going to go away on its own. After my first visit, I noticed a huge improvement. I continued to follow the doc’s recommendations for care and after a couple of months my low-back issue was completely resolved! Per Dr. Clark’s recommendation, I also completed the Standard Process 21-Day Purification Program. After 21 days I felt so amazing, I’ve decided to make it a yearly thing. I highly recommend Dr. Clark and the entire Loudoun Family Wellness team!

Jake B.

I have been a patient at Loudoun Family Wellness (formerly Fink Family Wellness) for 14 years and have always been very satisfied with the care I have received there, including since Dr. Clark took over the practice last year.  The transition was seamless, and I feel as if Dr. Clark has been taking care of me for years. He truly listens to me each and every time I visit and always chooses the best way to adjust me. He always makes time for me if I have an urgent need. I also regularly schedule massages as part of my therapy and find the therapists to be knowledgeable and professional in their approach to my needs. I highly recommend Dr. Clark and his team to anyone!

Renee K.

My family has been visiting Dr. Clark for over a year and we’ll be customers for a long time! Dr. Clark spends time to listen, understands the needs of his patients, and focuses on the individual under his care. Dr. Clark has gone above and beyond to see me when I really needed an adjustment and didn’t have an appointment. Without a doubt, Dr. Clark really cares about the well-being of his patients and is just a wonderful person too.

Andy T.

Dr. Clark and the staff at Loudoun Family Wellness always treat me like family.  I enjoy coming into the office because I know warm smiles will greet me by name and I’ll leave with a smile because my ailments are treated with care and immense expertise.  The time I spend at Loudoun Family Wellness is effective, efficient and the Chiropractic and Massage Therapy is a valued part of my personal health care regimen.  As a Nutritional Therapist, business owner, flight attendant, and athlete I am thankful for Dr. Clark and the care he provides to my family and I and look forward to many more visits to keep me going strong!

Kelly M., NTP

I found a fresh and very capable Dr. Kent Clark (yes, superman as I later found out) who has just taken over this practice from Dr. Fink. I decided to try out Dr. Clark and make up my mind based on the results.

As most people who seek a Chiro I have a long history of low back issues that after many years have become serious and caused me a lot of pain and grief. Moreover – in light of recent (repeat) studies that showed a serious risk associated with Advil and other beta blocker type pain killers even in low doses, Chiro was the only viable alternative.

Dr. Clark listened very carefully, asked the right questions, and took the time to thoroughly study the MRI I brought with me. He correctly diagnosed my issues and started working on my back. The results were fantastic – almost immediately I got rid of many of the pains and regained full range of motion. I kept coming for alignment and adjustment twice a week for the first few weeks, and with the constant improvement reduced my visits to every other week, or more if the need arises.

As part of the treatment Dr. Clark recommends therapeutic massages, advice I gladly took twice with exceptional results from a very competent and capable masseuse, JoAnne who also works at the clinic. My wife started treatment for her neck issues and had similar experience and results as did I. Dr. Clark was even able to relieve some foot pains she had for a long time. 

These are sufficient reasons for me to highly recommend Dr. Clark’s practice for anyone with spinal or neck issues. As an added bonus I found Michelle (the admin), the office setting in the middle of town, the free parking provided by the clinic, and the general patient first attitude of this practice extra-ordinary welcoming, making the visits an event I really look forward to every time.

Way to go Superman:-)

Helik S.

I have been a patient at Loudoun Family Wellness for many years.  When Dr. Clark took over the practice I realized that I would have to “adjust “to a new doctor.   Very quickly I learned that his commitment to his patients and their well-being is top notch.  I have suffered from an intense pain in the center of my back for years and would only get periodic relief.  Dr. Clark tried several methods and devised a new maneuver to address my constant pain.  Since that last adjustment I have not had any pain.  The adjustment has held for 4 months now and I no longer drag myself into his office begging for relief.  I feel like I have a new lease on life!  My disposition has changed in that I am no longer wincing and need to take muscle relaxers.  In addition Michelle at the front desk is a gem, always cheerful and accommodating and, JoAnne and Pam round out the office providing extra special care for my massage therapy needs.  So glad that the Finks found Dr. Clark!

Sue P.

I have been a patient of Fink Family Wellness for over a decade. Drs. Fink did an excellent job keeping my very complicated body in motion through sciatica and eventual spine surgery. Their “care with a smile” was always a welcome change from the norm. I’d walk away feeling better, with a giggle or two as a bonus.

Last fall, the Drs. Fink sold their practice to Dr. Kent Clark, and that same care and comfort lives on today. Dr. Clark has the humor and knowledge to help me through the next phase of my healing. I was reluctant to have a lower spine adjustment again. Dr. Clark took the cautious approach, ordering x-rays to see how I have been healing before taking on any adjustments. 

I’m happy to say that I’ve had a couple adjustments since then, and I’m feeling remarkably better. I look forward to my visits, since it still feels like visiting old friends. Congratulations to Dr. Clark and his staff! Keep up the great care, and I’ll see you soon.

Jeff H.

I have been a patient at Loudoun Family Wellness for several years. After a car accident left me stiff and sore all the time, I finally found relief. Dr. Clark is exceptionally skilled and has been a great resource for me on my path to feeling well and living free of pain. I love the family feel of the practice- they are always so friendly and accommodating. I had such great results, I brought my child in for acupuncture after his spine surgery from the same accident. I feel like the entire staff is genuinely invested in improving our quality of life – and they have been successful.

Amy M.

Preparing for a figure competition is a whole body experience.  I’m on a special diet, I work out regularly and I still need time to reflect and meditate.  Working out regularly is abusive to my body; I pull muscles and pop bones out of place all the time.  I don’t have the availability for recovery time the way I would if I wasn’t training.  Dr. Clark helps me isolate my issues and correct them for immediate future use.  He’s shown me how to handle the weight without throwing my back out with each exercise.  He often has same day openings where the office can squeeze me in on the schedule.  

My mind and spiritual healing require different treatments.  An hour a week for massage therapy sounds like a little bit, but that small amount helps heal my soul, in addition to any further muscular tightness.  Pam has treated muscles so tight that machines couldn’t loosen.  Her holistic approach to medicine is relieving to my clean-eats diet.  Joanne’s serene music and full-body massages relax me almost into a state of sleep.  These treatments help me recuperate from a week’s long abuse in the gym and is necessary for my sanity of my 14 week prep.  

Thank you, Loudoun Family Wellness, you have somehow pieced me together and kept me whole! 

Teri V.

I cannot recommend Dr. Clark highly enough.  His calm approach inspires confidence, and his sense of humor puts people at ease.  He genuinely cares about each one of his patients, and it shows.  I jokingly say that Chiropractic care has kept me mobile over the years, and as with all jokes, there’s quite a bit of truth to that statement.  There’s a certain amount of trust a patient must have in a Chiropractor to have successful treatment, and I feel very comfortable placing myself and my children in Dr. Clark’s hands.

Robin G.