Q: Why did you become a chiropractor?

A: I wanted to be able to help people before they were in crisis with their health. It all started when I was a professional firefighter/EMT for Roanoke City. I spent countless calls helping people who had problems that were the result of poor life-choice issues which I felt could’ve been avoided with the right guidance. There were, of course, the many emergency fire or life-saving calls I attended to, but I noticed a pattern when I would ride the medic truck – people are generally unhealthy. I started thinking, “What if I could help people to live a healthy, active life, versus waiting until they needed live-saving procedures?” I loved helping people and I loved being a firefighter/EMT, but I decided I wanted to try and help people before it was a life or death situation. I had looked into all different types of professions and decided to go back to school to become a chiropractor because of my own personal experience. I completely support and refer to many other healthcare professionals, but this was the path I felt was right for me.


Q: Tell us about your first chiropractic adjustment.

A: It’s actually a funny story. I had heard of the profession but never experienced a chiropractic adjustment for myself until I was 18. I was dating this girl (she later became my wife!) who was the daughter a chiropractor. She suggested I see her mom to help me with some of my health concerns (sleeping, acid reflux, neck/back pain, etc.). I have to admit, I was a little skeptical because I had no idea how an adjustment could help me get better sleep and ease my acid reflux,  but I was in love with this girl, so I was going to do what she told me to – LOL! At my first visit, her mom explained that because the adjustment releases the pressure on the nervous system, I may be a little tired after my visit. She adjusted me and it was amazing! I felt so good after I left. I went back to Lainey’s house and BOOM – I passed out! I was so sound asleep that her mom had to call my mom to tell her they couldn’t wake me up so I would sleep on their couch for the night and be home in the morning! After just a few treatments, I was sleeping so much better and for longer periods at night; my acid reflux completely went away; my neck/back pain was resolved; and overall I just felt so much better! After that experience, I knew there was something to this “chiropractic thing” and continued to get adjusted on a regular bases. I still get checked by a chiropractor every one to two weeks to ensure my body is performing at its best!


Q: What do you like most about your work?

A: My patients!! I absolutely love helping people achieve better health, naturally. Everyone I have the honor of working with is so incredibly special. Their backgrounds, life stories, and goals are all so unique. Each one of them leaves such an impact on me and they change me as much as they say I help them.


Q: What did you want to be when you were a kid?

A: A firefighter!! I always laugh when I get asked this question because I was able to fulfill this dream. Being a professional firefighter/EMT was one of the most memorable and exciting times in my life. I would get such a rush hearing the sirens go off at the firehouse because it was “game time!” There were people out there who needed my help and being able to help people in life-saving ways was truly an honor.


Q: What is something you are grateful your parents taught you?

A: There are actually two things I am so grateful my parents instilled in me: The Golden Rule and a hard work ethic. My mom is a stay-at-home mom who took care of the house, raised four kids, helps raise nine grandchildren, maintained a large garden and even cared for farm animals from time to time. She is the most selfless, loving, and giving person you will ever meet. She taught us that we always treat people with kindness, love, and respect if we expect to be treated the same. My father was such a hard worker (he retired 12 years ago from the railroad). He would work the third-shift on the railroad, come home to get some shuteye, and then get up to go build homes until his next shift. Rain or shine, his team could always count on him to be there. He worked so hard to provide for our family and I can only hope to follow in his footsteps.


Q: What do you enjoy doing during your free time?

A: I absolutely love spending time with my wife, Lainey, and daughter, Lilla Katherine! I became a first-time dad February 23, 2015 and it’s been the most amazing ride these past 20 months. She’s definitely a “daddy’s girl” already and has me completely wrapped around her tiny finger. Loudoun County has so many fun things to do and try. We’ve had a blast spending our family days trying out new parks, attending festivals, and eating at some amazing restaurants. I also really enjoy running on the W&OD trail. It’s the perfect atmosphere to get in your “zone” and just go!


Q: Tell us one interesting thing about yourself that most patients don’t know.

A:  Most people don’t know that before I was a professional firefighter/EMT, I worked in construction. From the time I could swing a hammer (probably around the age of 11 – LOL!), I was working on job sites with my dad and brother-in-law. We’d be out the door before the sun rose and back home after dark. It’s hard work, but I really enjoyed it. My uncle owns a sunroom/remodeling business in Roanoke, Virginia, and I worked for him during high school and while I was getting my fire science degree in college. With the help of my family and friends, I’ve even done all the remodeling in Loudoun Family Wellness’ back offices myself!